söndag 20 december 2015

Layout for 7 Dots Studio

I have created this layout for a competition of 7 Dots Studio but I see that I missed the date for the challenge. I thought that today was the last day but it was actually last night. That was a stupid of me to miss it beucase I was actually almost finished with it yesterday. The criteria was to use 7 Dots paper and the criteria was vintage style...

The cardstock which is the background is called from a collection called Destination Unknown . The other papers are also from 7 Dots. Some arefrom the same collection. I have painted with watercolour on the background.The pictures are of my grandparents, Märta and Daniel. My mother think that they recently had got engaged when this photo was taken.

 I made some of the flowers myself which I pained so they would fit in with the color scheme

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